Wednesday, July 28, 2010

COEXIST My I (slam)

Unless you've been under a rock or haven't been out driving in the last few years you've no doubt seen the bumper sticker that says "COEXIST". The sticker appears in a few different versions.

Each letter of the word "COEXIST" is a symbol of the world's most prominent organized religions or belief systems. There are a number of variations of the sticker (as well as a patent and trademark battle over the arrangement of these symbols together . So much for coexistence, eh?) Regardless of the variation they use symbols like the Star of David, the crescent moon and star, Nero's cross, etc., etc..

Couple of things on this bumper sticker.

First. People who put religious, even or “non-religious”, organized belief stickers on their car are probably insecure in their organized belief and feel as though they have to reassure themselves of the belief by advertising it to everyone they drive by. Exceptions to the rule, of course, but that is the rule. This rule applies to Atheist and Pagan bumper stickers (I’ve seen them pasted on bumpers as well) as much as it does to Christian bumper stickers.

If you’re comfortable in your beliefs you don’t need a single other person on the planet to agree with even one of them. And, you certainly don’t need a bumper sticker to tell you and everyone else what those beliefs are.

Second, I like the idea of organized religions all peacefully coexisting. And, the good news, is that they do. Well, unless you include “The Religion of Peace”. They don’t get along with any other belief systems and consider others outside of their belief structure “infidels”. And, boy, wait till you see the special treatment they have for infidels. I speak of course of Islam.

So, unless the intent of this COEXIST sticker is to specifically target and promote the idea to Muslims that they should exist peacefully with other religions/belief systems then the bumper sticker is ignorant. Creative perhaps but ignorant nonetheless.

Disagree? Then ask yourself these questions. Do the Baptists go running into the woods beheading Satan worshipers? No, they don’t. Do Pagans strap on bombs and blow themselves up in crowded markets filled with Arab and Palestinian Muslims? No, they don’t. Do Buddhists stone Atheists for self belief? No, they don’t. Do Catholics threaten to kill artists that depict Jesus in a disrespectful way? No, they don’t.

But, Muslims frequently do all of these things in the name of Allah. What's more is they do it unabashedly and without remorse. Like psychopaths. If you haven't seen the Internet footage for proof of this then you've been avoiding most of the Internet.

I’ve seen many lively, and even heated debates, between different groups of organized religions/beliefs. But the only bomb throwing I’ve seen in these discussions has been metaphorical. That is, until you bring a Muslim into the debate. Then the bomb throwing could be quite literal.

Surely, the people who wear these COEXIST stickers on their bumpers are smart enough to see that organized religions/belief systems do already all coexist together. Except Muslims. Well, I choose to think these bumper sticker wearers are smart and are just trying to help Muslims think this whole suicide bombing "religion of peace" thing through.


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  1. like those who put police affiliation stickers on their cars to avoid a speeding ticket.

    ...the people who try to tiptoe around bullies type.