Saturday, June 19, 2010

Arizona's Senate Bill 1070 is Mexico's Fault

Blame Mexico for Senate Bill 1070.

A few days ago Hillary Clinton let it slip that the administration plans to move forward with a law suit against the state of Arizona to stop SB 1070 from becoming law.

Look. Hillary and other of her ilk are interested in amnesty (or something like it). They want this because they believe it will give them more votes and thus more power – which is all they are really interested in. They care nothing of the plight of immigrants I can assure you. Their interest is in power, money and influence.

What I can’t understand is this. The US is a country that many want to immigrate to because of our wealth, standard of living and opportunity. If we let everyone in that wants to come in, provide them all with the same access to the services, resources and opportunity that current legal citizens have, won’t that dilute the very resources and opportunities that make this country so desirable in the first place?

My point is that, aren’t open borders are a self defeating? Won’t they destroy the very things that make people want to come here in the first place?

It’s kind of like having a neighborhood pool that you pay for through neighborhood association dues. The pool is large enough that it serves the surrounding neighborhood well. Not too crowded not too underutilized and well maintained. All that attend are happy.

Then the association you pay dues to decides to close an adjacent neighborhood’s pool and let that neighborhood use your same pool. Now the pool is crowded, the water isn’t clean, the bathrooms are trashed and people are angry that the conditions have deteriorated.

Soon, no one wants to come to the pool anymore because it is an overused resource that can’t meet the standards of the people that used to visit. So, people stop going. This is where the analogy breaks down. Current US citizens can’t just stop going to their country. So, they have to fight to ensure that the resources that are available are protected.

Is it a bummer that Mexican and (other immigrants) have to migrate to America for better opportunity? Yes. It is. Especially when it is from a country like Mexico that is so wealthy and rich in natural resources.

When I see laws like the one passed in AZ attempting to stem the flow of illegal Mexican immigrants I don’t ask, what is wrong with America? I ask, what is wrong with Mexico? Why are they failing so miserably in creating an environment for their citizens that gives them good opportunities and reasons to stay in Mexico?

Just a thought.

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