Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Here is a way to make sure they read the bills

An important message from The President of the United States...

"As President of the United States I hereby proclaim that I will sign no bill or legislation that exceeds 25 pages in length. Each page must be formatted with 12 point Times Roman font, 1 inch margins on all sides and be double spaced. If the bill reaches my desk and is not in this format I will not read or sign the bill.

The contents of the bill should be concise, well written and meaningful.

Oh, and make sure that you have read the bill. It's only 25 pages for God's sake."

These bills that are hundreds, and even thousands of pages long, are bunk. They are written by attorneys and lobbyists not the people we elected to represent us in Congress. Admitting, as some Congresspeople have done, that they haven't read a bill that they haven't written should be a crime.

If we required that all bills be less than 26 pages it would not only ensure that Congresspeople have no excuse not to read the bill, but it would physically prevent lobbyist and special interests to load bills up with pork and wasteful spending.

So, my challenge to The President is to make this proclamation. Today. Please. Thanks.

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